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Range Rover NEW facelift Evoque


With its Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover has tapped into a new target group: townsfolks who enjoy a small luxury SUV. High seating position, four-wheel drive and the right club atmosphere are the key factors in Evoque’s success. And, at the same time, are the basis for HAMANN customers who desire a little more individuality. With a strong look from top to bottom, more performance, exclusive wheel/tyre combinations and luxurious equipment from the Swabian refiner.

The first impression counts. Hence, HAMANN offers for both the three-door coupé and the normal five-door version a new front skirt with LED daytime running lights to make the appearance considerably sportier. Those opting for the wide version also get the corresponding wing extensions at the front and rear that are perfectly flush with the side skirts. And the rear features a new insert with centred exhaust pipes. The tail pieces painted black or silver hide a sport rear muffler from HAMANN that delivers the right diesel or petrol model sound.

What sounds like increased performance and power also has much power under the bonnet. This is ensured by HAMANN optimising the ignition map for all Evoque engines, i.e. TD4, eD4, SD4 and Si4. Thanks to chip tuning HAMANN for example advances the power of the 150 hp turbo diesel version to up to 181 hp. For the top petrol version Si4, the engine tuning gets 260 instead of 240 hp out of the four-cylinder engine; the torque is increased from 340 to 395 Nm.

Much power that is brought to the road safely by a lowering kit through progressive suspension springs that lower the SUV by approximately 30 millimetres. The result: a lower centre of gravity for extra driving dynamics and a particularly sporty look. Thus, the Evoque becomes a small street sweeper.


front bumper Range Rover Evoque
Order no.: 10000611-KPL

fender extensions FA/RA 12-pcs. Range Rover Evoque
Order no.: 10000626

side sills Range Rover Evoque
Order no.: 10000620

rear bumper 2-central tailpipes Range Rover Evoque
Order no.: 10000645

set of stone impact protective film Range Rover Evoque
Order no.: 10000680

Order no for the Kit.: 10000204

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