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The Jaguar tuning made by Hamann Motorsport delivers a performance enhancement via optimization of engine characteristics, an aerodynamic package, as well as finish parts like a pedal set, a footrest borrowed from motor sport, and foot mats precisely contoured to the vehicle. A flow-optimized, multi-flow exhaust system with oval tail pipes rounds off the harmonious total image of the tuning for the F-PACE. The unique advantage of the program at Hamann is that all components can also be purchased individually and they show their effect even when installed solo. Additional components be purchased later and also mounted retroactively without significant effort. For example, the rear end with integrated diffuser for the Jaguar tuning can also be mounted retroactively, if the multi-flow exhaust system was installed previously. The rear end even fits for vehicles that have been factory-equipped, or retrofitted with a trailer hitch. Thus by and by an individualized dream vehicle of the model Jaguar F-PACE is produced. Naturally, on request we also deliver complete tuning packages for the Jaguar F-PACE at attractive prices.

Premiered on Geneva Auto Show


In the detailed view the parts of the 15-piece widebody kit for the Jaguar F-PACE are shown. The three-piece front spoiler lip, the optionally available ten-piece front and rear fender flares, as well as the 2-peace rear end with integrated diffuser provide the distinguishing visual features.

In the selection of alloy wheels for F-PACE the wheel set model Anniversary Evo II is available and the customer can choose from three different colors: Hyper Silver, Black, and Graphite Gray. The attractive alloy wheels for F-PACE measure 23 inches in diameter and are 11 inches wide.

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A professionally designed and stable performance enhancement via engine characteristic optimization is available from Hamann for the gasoline engine P-PACE S, as well as for the diesel powered F-PACE 30d. In the gasoline engine version with engine characteristic optimization, F-PACE power increases from 279 kW (380 hp) to 301 kW (410 hp). Likewise torque is boosted via F-PACE chip tuning. Torque of 460 Nm is applied on the crankshaft standard, the F-PACE gasoline engine, performance enhanced by Hamann adds more, and after the modification now offers 510 Nm – sufficient for a useful, yet nevertheless cultivated power delivery in all conceivable driving situations. For the diesel F-PACE 30d the F-PACE performance increase is somewhat more considerable. Compared with the series production 220 kW (300 hp) the Hamann Diesel-F-PACE 30d now achieves a peak value of 250 kW (340 hp) and thus in absolute numbers is slightly below the value for the gasoline engine version. However, with the Hamann F-PACE chip tuning for the diesel engine peak torque reaches the impressive value of 780 Nm (series production is 700 Nm). In this regard, in each rpm range extremely high values typical for diesel are applied, which enable the full thrust from the bottom of the range into the highest speed ranges, and which until just a few years ago were only experienced in super sports cars.


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